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Registered for a tournament during an exclusion period

If you're registered for a tournament that starts after your exclusion begins, you'll be unregistered.

Will I receive a refund?

You'll receive refunds for those tournaments as per our policy. Find more information about this in the Tournament rules.

What happens if I self-exclude during a tournament?

If you choose to exclude your account during a tournament in progress, you'll still be able to complete it. For example:

  • Multi-Day Tournaments: Players who exclude their account during a 'qualifying for day 2' Multiday tournament will get a chance to play on a later day in that tournament. Even after their self-exclusion begins. Players who choose not to play on a later day, won't receive any compensation.
  • Phased Tournaments: Players who self-exclude during a phased tournament won't be able to complete the next phase of the tournament. Make sure you can play the tournament in its entirety before entering the first phase.

Important to know

If you win prizes from an offer that started before your exclusion (i.e. automatic drawings to live events or live activities), you won’t be able to take part in those offers, and so you won’t be able to play for those prizes.


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