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Customize tournament filters

The tournament filters located above the games list in the Tourney tab are a great way to help you search for tournaments.

First, you can use the Find a tournament... search box to quickly find any tournament.

For example, if you're looking for any Sunday tournament with a guaranteed prize pool, type the words 'Sunday' and 'guaranteed', and only tournaments with those words in the title will be displayed.

You can also command the search to remove tournaments with a specific name by putting a minus symbol in front of your search keyword. For instance, if you do not want to see tournaments including the word Sunday, simply type '-Sunday'.

We also offer different filters to help you specify your search, such as:

  • Game - Displays what game types you want to find.
  • Buy-In - Sets min/max buy-in ranges.
  • Speed - Sets the speed of the tournaments.
  • Type - Displays what tournament types (regular, satellite, etc.) you want to find.

If you click on the filter icon (located just to the right of the Type filter), you can set extra criteria for your filter.

After setting your filter, you can save it by clicking the Save Filter button. It will then be available on your Favorites tab.

Finally, if you wish to enable or disable your filter, just click on the switch icon to the right of the filter icon.

To watch an instructional video (in English only), just hit the play button!


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